Three students in a telepresence room engaged in virtual learning

Make the most of your education

Let’s start the new year off right! As classes are back in full swing, it’s time to meet them head-on with a fresh perspective. Making the most of your post-secondary education is crucial if you are just starting or continuing your post-secondary education journey. Here are a few ways to make the most out of your school year!

Attend extracurricular activities

Make time for things other than studying. Before you’re met with the demands of a full-time job or career is the perfect time to explore extracurriculars like participating in campus activities, being social, making new friends, or getting a part-time job. College and university don’t have to just be about academics, it’s an entire experience!

Many universities and colleges bring guest speakers and lecturers to campus. Take advantage of these unique opportunities to learn something new! Check out your school’s calendar of upcoming events to see what’s happening at your campus. At SGEI, we host a monthly Speaker Series where successful Anishinaabe people speak to our students and community. We have had speakers including model and First Nations activist Ashley Callingbull, leader of the Manitoba NDP Wab Kinew, creator of Cheekbone Beauty Jenn Harper, and philanthropist and former NHL coach Ted Nolan! Check out our events calendar here to see what is happening at SGEI.

Keep an open mind about new things

You will be introduced to many new things including people, music, ideas, and hobbies throughout your post-secondary years! If you remain open to new experiences, you are very likely to find lifelong passions and interests along the way. Maybe you never listened to a particular type of music before or you never thought art was something you could create. You might surprise yourself with the things you like and are good at if you remain open-minded. 

Completing your post-secondary education is your chance to not only branch out and try new things but to also meet new people! You might be surprised how many other people in your class share your interests and hobbies with you! Plus, making friends in the classroom will help you with your studies. Having a friend or group to study with is always an advantage.

Get to know your instructors

You are attending post-secondary education for a reason, so you may as well get the most out of your education! Attending your classes consistently and participating in class means having the chance to get to know and connect with your instructors. Your instructors can help influence and shape your future. Not only can they help guide you throughout your coursework, but also prove to be lifelong mentors with tips and advice for your internships, jobs and career path. Many instructors write reference letters or recommendations on your behalf that can help you secure that dream job or get into grad school.

Take an internship or placement

Some programs allow students to pursue an internship or placement! At SGEI, our Social Service Worker, Early Childhood Education, and our Mental Health and Addictions Worker program all have placement work intertwined. This allows you to gain experience in your field of interest and will help prepare you to enter the workforce. Completing a placement or internship allows you to demonstrate to the organization you’re interning at that you work well with their team. Businesses often hire their interns after graduation, and at the very least, this work experience makes a great addition to your resume when you’re applying for jobs! 

Utilize campus facilities

Most college campuses are full of gyms, computer labs, student lounges, several study spaces, and all other kinds of neat areas that students can access. Find out what your school has to offer and start exploring! At SGEI, all of our campuses provide unique spaces for our students to utilize. Check out what our Fort Frances and Kenora campuses have to offer. SGEI’s Fort Frances campus has a Circle Room dedicated for students to visit our Grandfather drum (Saagajiwe) and Grandmother eagle staff (Gookomisinaan). This space allows students to learn and use SGEI’s sacred items. Here they can smudge, reflect, and take time for themselves during their studies. 

Take care of yourself and your wellbeing

Your life will be much easier if you learn how to take care of yourself in a few different ways, whether it’s developing a budget, a workout routine, class schedules, or better-eating habits. While attending college or university, it’s easy to fall into the habit of prioritizing grades and coursework over your mental health and wellbeing. Managing your course load, study routine, and active social is more attainable when your mind and body are happy and healthy. For tips on how to improve your mental health and maintain balance, check out our blog on how to improve your mental wellbeing! Taking care of yourself first better prepares you for what life can throw your way. At SGEI, we offer several types of support if you need help in these areas. 

Taking the next step

Entering a new year comes a new set of challenges. At SGEI, we do everything we can to make sure you can get the most out of your education. If you are currently a student at SGEI, contact your program coordinator with any questions about our supports and services. Are you interested in attending college or university with SGEI? We are accepting applications for our September 2022 programs! Let’s make the most of this year together.