Brent TookenayChief Executive Officer(807) 274-2796 x 1202Administration
Julie McEvoyDirector of Administration(807) 274-2796 x 1229Administration
Wayne ZimmerDirector of Government RelationsAdministration
Vivian KakekapetumAssociate Director of Human Resources(807) 468-3096 x 3208Administration
Chris DenbySpecial Projects ManagerAdministration
Kelly SigurdsonPayroll/Benefits Administrator(807) 274-2796 x 1230Administration
Alice FosterAccounts Payable(807) 274-2796 x 1267Administration
Leslie DanielsonExecutive Assistant/Human Resources Support(807) 274-2796 x 1232Administration
Robin KellarAdministrative Assistant (Fort Frances)(807) 274-2796Administration
Ashley NeniskaAdministrative Assistant (Kenora)(807) 468-3096Administration
Izzabella BanningAdministrative Assisstant (Kenora)(807) 468-3096Administration
Robin KellarAdministrative Assistant (Fort Frances)(807) 274-2796Administration
Sean TaggartDirector of K-12(807) 274-2796 x 1320Ontario Secondary School
Brendan SmythVice Principal / Teacher (Dryden)(807) 938-1289Ontario Secondary School
Donna BrunnAdministrative Assistant(807) 274-2796 x 1321Ontario Secondary School
Lisa AngusReceptionist(807) 274-2796 x 1322Ontario Secondary School
Carter BrownTransitional Coordinator(807) 274-2796 x 1247Ontario Secondary School
Denise ClendenningTeacher (Nigigoonsiminikaaning)(807) 481-9894Ontario Secondary School
Mary FawcettTeacher (Washagamis Bay)(807) 468-3096 x 3212Ontario Secondary School
Jacoba FlattSecondary Teacher(807) 737-3500 x 1303Ontario Secondary School
Mack Hall Secondary Teacher (Kenora)(807) 464-2868Ontario Secondary School
Paul GagneTeacher (Couchiching)(807) 274-8569 x 1401Ontario Secondary School
Jenny TittlemierTeacher (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3211Ontario Secondary School
Julija GrahamTeacher (Eagle Lake)(807) 755-1653Ontario Secondary School
Brock MadillTeacher (Naicatchewenin)(807) 486-3407Ontario Secondary School
Tyler MillerTeacher (Rainy River First Nation & Couchiching First Nation)(807) 274-2796Ontario Secondary School
Marg OversbyTeacher (Dryden)(807) 223-5553 x 2448Ontario Secondary School
Jhustin CzajkowskiTeacher (Dryden)(807) 938-1289Ontario Secondary School
Tina TookenayProgram Coordinator/Instructor (Fort Frances)(807) 275-9279AZH Program
Jennifer CaulProgram Coordinator/Instructor (Fort Frances)AZH Program
Danielle TavaresProgram Coordinator/Instructor (Sioux Lookout)(807) 464-3432AZH Program
Brenda WickstromCulinary AssistantAZH Program
Angela MainvilleDirector of Post-Secondary Education(807) 274-2796 x 1209Post-Secondary
Sandra DixonExecutive Assistant Post-Secondary Education(807) 274-2796 x 1215Post-Secondary
Bill PerraultAssociate Director of Curriculum Development(807) 274-2796 x 1210Post-Secondary
Mark GaudetAssociate Director of Post-Secondary Education(807) 468-3096 x 3204Post-Secondary
Taylor StromnessAssociate Director of Health Sciences(807) 274-2796 x 1222Post-Secondary
Aimee BeazleyPost-Secondary Coordinator (Fort Frances)(807) 274-2796 x 1213Post-Secondary
Michael JonesPost-Secondary Coordinator (Fort Frances)(807) 274-2796 x 1214Post-Secondary
Annie AshdownPost-Secondary Coordinator (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3209Post-Secondary
Rhonda MillerPost-Secondary Coordinator (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3206Post-Secondary
Nicole RobertsonNurse Coordinator & Instructor (Sioux Lookout)(807) 737-2897 x 4204Post-Secondary
Wendy TsengNurse Coordinator & Instructor (Kenora)(807) 468-3096Post-Secondary
Malcolm DaleyParamedic Coordinator (Fort Frances)(807) 274-2796 x 1223Post-Secondary
Rachel SitarParamedic Coordinator (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3230Post-Secondary
Anthony LeekE-campus Coordinator(807) 468-3096 x 3207Post-Secondary
Kyla SavagePathways Coordinator(807) 274-2796Post-Secondary
Robert HortonAnishinaabemowin Coordinator & Instructor(807) 274-2796 x 1243Post-Secondary
Jana-Rae YerxaAnishinaabe Gikendaasowin Professor and Curriculum Developer(807) 274-2796 x 1219Post-Secondary
Taryn SmithRegistrar(807) 274-2796 x 1217Post-Secondary
Tim WindigoAdmissions Coordinator(807) 274-2796 x 1218Post-Secondary
Alana StewartProgram Recruitment Coordinator(807) 274-2796 x 1224Post-Secondary
Tanya HowarthAdministrator / Librarian(807) 274-2796 x 1216Post-Secondary
Jordan MorrisonLibrary Assistant(807) 274-2796 x 1225Post-Secondary
Andrea SweigardMental Health Leader(807) 274-2796 x 1212Post-Secondary
Ed AtatiseCultural Lead(807) 274-2796 x 1264Post-Secondary
Nadine JohnsonCulinary AssistantPost-Secondary
Howard TwanceDirector of Post-Secondary Student Support Program (Thunder-Bay)(807) 622-1711Post-Secondary
Jennifer RyanSocial/Education Counsellor (Thunder-Bay)(807) 622-1711Post-Secondary
Rachael WolfeProgram Manager(807) 468-3096 x 3228Training for Employment
Lauren NelsonEmployment Navigator (Fort Frances)(807) 274-2796 x 1251Training for Employment
Kendal BruyereEmployment Navigator (Fort Frances)(807) 274-2796 x 1253Training for Employment
Shara WickstromEmployment Navigator (Fort Frances)(807) 274-2796Training for Employment
Amanda MunroEmployment Navigator (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3226Training for Employment
Vernon OgimaEmployment Navigator Training for Employment
Julie HarmerEmployment Navigator(807) 472-6973Training for Employment
Brian HertzTrainer/InstructorTraining for Employment
Mercedes ZimmerWLES Instructor(807) 468-3096 x 3216Training for Employment
Danielle WoolseyPart-Time Data Entry ClerkTraining for Employment
Sandra BondAdministrative Assisstant (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3226Training for Employment
Bob CalderDriving School Operations ManagerDriving School
Jason TuckerDriving InstructorDriving School
Scott HuntDriving Instructor (Fort Frances)(807) 271-0047Driving School
Shannon KingGaa-niigaanishkang Anishinaabemodaa Anokiiwin (The one who represents the Anishinaabemodaa program)(807) 274-2796 x 1238Anishinaabemodaa
Carissa CopenaceGaa-wiiji’iitood Anishinaabemowin (The one who helps the language)(807) 274-2796 x 1239Anishinaabemodaa
Casey OsterGaa-wiiji’tood Anishinaabemodaa Anokiiwin(807) 274-2796 x 1240Anishinaabemodaa
Darcy JonesGaa-wiiji-odaami’aad Abinoojiiya’ Ji-anishinaabemonid (The one who plays with children to learn Anishinaabemowin) (807) 274-2796 x 1240Anishinaabemodaa
Jason JonesGaa-gikinoo'amaaged Anishinaabemowin (The one that teaches the language)(807) 274-2796 x 1240Anishinaabemodaa
Hilda BoyGaa-nitaa-anishinaabemod-Ji-wiiji’aad Abinoojiya(807) 274-2796 x 1240Anishinaabemodaa
Marilyn CopenaceGaa-anikanootamaaged (The one that translates)(807) 274-2796 x 1241Anishinaabemodaa
Kelvin MorrisonGaa-anikanootamaaged (The one that translates)(807) 274-2796 x 1241Anishinaabemodaa
Rose TuesdayGaa-anikanootamaaged (The one that translates)(807) 274-2796 x 1241Anishinaabemodaa
Tim SmithGaa-nitaa-mazinabii'ged (The one that can draw)(807) 274-2796 x 1241Anishinaabemodaa
Jeremy AndyAnishinaabemowin Instructor TraineeAnishinaabemodaa
Brittnee HunterAnishinaabemowin Content DeveloperAnishinaabemodaa
Jessica AtatiseAnishinaabemowin Content DeveloperAnishinaabemodaa
Dan BirdVice Principal (FFHS)(807) 274-7747 x 229Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Shelly JonesIndigenous Projects Facilitator(807) 274-9855 x 5005Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Lisa GeorgeIndigenous Guidance Counsellor (FFHS)(807) 274-7747 x 268Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Denise RadiganIndigenous Guidance Counsellor (FFHS)(807) 274-7747 x 235Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Tishina Big GeorgeIndigenous Guidance Counsellor (RRHS)(807) 852-3284Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Darlene AdamsIndigenous Early Literacy Assistant (Robert Moore)(807) 274-9818Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Shirley AndyIndigenous Early Literacy Assistant (J.W. Walker)(807) 274-3616Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Melissa GushulakIndigenous Early Literacy Assistant (J.W. Walker & Robert Moore)J.W. Walker—(807) 274-3616
Robert Moore—(807) 274-9818
Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Cheryl SmithIndigenous Early Literacy Assistant (Crossroads)(807) 486-3329Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Brad HillSecondary School, FNSSP Teacher(807) 274-2796 x.1323Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Sarah GloverStudent Success Program Teacher(807) 274-2796 x 1247First Nation Student Success Program
Ron BerezowskiComputer/Data Systems Specialist(807) 468-3096 x 3214First Nation Student Success Program
Christine WoolseyDirector of IT & Media(807) 274-2796 x 1255IT & Media
Rob PerreaultInformation Technician(807) 274-2796 x 1256IT & Media
Kaitlyn Allen-HenryCommunications Specialist(807) 274-2796 x 1257IT & Media
Jordan PerreaultMarketing Specialist(807) 274-2796 x 1258IT & Media
Cindy HomerOnline Learning Support Specialist(807) 274-2796 x 1259IT & Media
Grant SchelskeOnline Learning Support Specialist/Information Technician(807) 468-3096 x 3225IT & Media
Maggie LeMesurierMakerspace Assistant(807) 274-2796 x 1260IT & Media
Paul PateyDirector of Facilities(807) 274-2796 x 1263Facilities and Maintenance
Paul CousineauMaintenance Coordinator(807) 274-2796 x 1262Facilities and Maintenance
Mark DugganFacility Coordinator (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3215Facilities and Maintenance
Nicolas DartiailhBanquet/Event Chef (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3218Facilities and Maintenance
Mariano RodriguezCulinary Chef (Sioux Lookout)Facilities and Maintenance
Jason RungeCulinary Assistant (Kenora)Facilities and Maintenance
Wally WoodsMaintenance Coordinator (Sioux Lookout)Facilities and Maintenance
Duncan McMillanMaintenance Helper (Kenora)Facilities and Maintenance
Colby TomsCustodian (Sioux Lookout)Facilities and Maintenance
Sierrah BrownCustodian (Kenora)Facilities and Maintenance
Jacob LoeppkyCustodian (Kenora)Facilities and Maintenance
Robert McDonaldCustodian (Kenora)Facilities and Maintenance
Alexa GaudetEvening and Weekend Assistant (Kenora)(807) 468-3096Facilities and Maintenance
Frankie BanningEvening and Weekend Assistant (Kenora)(807) 468-3096Facilities and Maintenance
Preston BlakeEvening and Weekend Assistant (Kenora)(807) 468-3096Facilities and Maintenance
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