Brent TookenayChief Executive Officer(807) 274-2796 x 1202Administration
Julie McEvoyDirector of Administration(807) 274-2796 x 1229Administration
Michelle AllanDirector of Human Resources(807) 274-2796 x 1203Administration
Wayne ZimmerGovernment RelationsAdministration
Chris DenbySpecial Projects ManagerAdministration
Leslie DanielsonExecutive Assistant/Human Resources Support(807) 274-2796 x 1232Administration
Alice FosterAccounts Payable(807) 274-2796 x 1267Administration
Kelly SigurdsonPayroll/Benefits Administrator(807) 274-2796 x 1230Administration
Anthony LeekFinancial Aid Coordinator(807) 468-3096 x 3207Administration
Skylar CarlsonPandemic CoordinatorAdministration
Shara WickstromEmployment Navigator (Fort Frances)(807) 274-2796Administration
Ashley NeniskaAdministrative Assistant (Kenora)(807) 468-3096Administration
Anna WellwoodAdministrative Assistant/Screener(807) 737-2897Administration
Sean TaggartDirector of K-12(807) 274-2796 x 1320Ontario Secondary School
Brendan SmythVice Principal / Teacher (Dryden)(807) 938-1289Ontario Secondary School
Jordan BotsfordVice Principal / Teacher (Couchiching)(807) 274-2796Ontario Secondary School
Donna BrunnAdministrative Assistant(807) 274-2796 x 1321Ontario Secondary School
Lisa AngusReceptionist(807) 274-2796 x 1322Ontario Secondary School
Melissa WilcoxTeacher (Kenora)(807) 468-3096Ontario Secondary School
Denise ClendenningTeacher (Nigigoonsiminikaaning)(807) 481-9894Ontario Secondary School
Mary FawcettTeacher (Washagamis Bay)(807) 468-3096 x 3212Ontario Secondary School
Jacoba FlattSecondary Teacher(807) 737-3500 x 1303Ontario Secondary School
Paul GagneTeacher (Eagle Lake & Dryden)Ontario Secondary School
Jenny TittlemierTeacher (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3211Ontario Secondary School
Julija GrahamTeacher (Eagle Lake)(807) 755-1653Ontario Secondary School
Brock MadillTeacher (Naicatchewenin)(807) 486-3407Ontario Secondary School
Tyler MillerTeacher (Rainy River First Nation & Couchiching First Nation)(807) 274-2796Ontario Secondary School
Marg OversbyTeacher (Dryden)Ontario Secondary School
Jhustin CzajkowskiTeacher (Dryden)Ontario Secondary School
Laurel SpaldingTeacher (Waubauskang & Wabigoon)Waubaskang—(807) 529-6376
Wabigoon—(807) 938-1289
Ontario Secondary School
Brenda WickstromCulinary Assistant (AZH Program)AZH Program
Tina TookenayProgram Coordinator/InstructorAZH Program
Angela MainvilleDirector of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Development(807) 274-2796 x 1209Post-Secondary
Sandra DixonExecutive Assistant for Post-Secondary Education and TrainingPost-Secondary
Mark GaudetAssociate Director of Post-Secondary Education(807) 468-3096 x 3204Post-Secondary
Bill PerraultAssociate Director of Curriculum Development(807) 274-2796 x 1210Post-Secondary
Aimee BeazleyPost-Secondary Coordinator (Fort Frances)(807) 274-2796 x 1213Post-Secondary
Michael JonesPost-Secondary Coordinator (Fort Frances)(807) 274-2796 x 1214Post-Secondary
Annie AshdownPost-Secondary Coordinator (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3209Post-Secondary
Rhonda MillerPost-Secondary Coordinator (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3206Post-Secondary
Taylor NobleNurse Coordinator & Instructor (Fort Frances)(807) 274-2796 x 1222Post-Secondary
Nicole RobertsonNurse Coordinator & Instructor (Sioux Lookout)(807) 737-2897 x 4204Post-Secondary
Malcolm DaleyParamedic Coordinator (Fort Frances)Post-Secondary
Rachel SitarParamedic Coordinator (Kenora)Post-Secondary
Robert HortonAnishinaabemowin Coordinator & Instructor(807) 274-2796 x 1243Post-Secondary
Anthony LeekE-campus Coordinator(807) 468-3096 x 3207Post-Secondary
Andrea SweigardMental Health Leader(807) 274-2796 x 1212Post-Secondary
Ed AtatiseCultural Lead(807) 274-2796 x 1264Post-Secondary
Jana-Rae YerxaAnishinaabe Gikendaasowin Professor and Curriculum Developer(807) 274-2796 x 1219Post-Secondary
Tanner NeillPolicy WriterPost-Secondary
Tim WindigoProgram Recruitment Coordinator(807) 274-2796 x 1218Post-Secondary
Tanya HowarthAdministrator / Librarian(807) 274-2796 x 1216Post-Secondary
Taryn SmithPost-Secondary Administrative Assistant(807) 274-2796 x 1217Post-Secondary
Nadine JohnsonCulinary AssistantPost-Secondary
Howard TwanceDirector of Post-Secondary Student Support Program (Thunder-Bay)(807) 622-1711Post-Secondary
Jennifer RyanSocial/Education Counsellor (Thunder-Bay)(807) 622-1711Post-Secondary
Vivian KakekapetumAssociate Director of HR(807) 468-3096 x 3208Training for Employment
Rachael WolfeProgram Manager - Training for Employment(807) 468-3096 x 3228Training for Employment
Lauren NelsonEmployment Navigator(807) 274-2796 x 1251Training for Employment
Kendal BruyereEmployment Navigator(807) 274-2796 x 1253Training for Employment
Vernon OgimaEmployment Navigator Training for Employment
Mercedes ZimmerWLES Instructor(807) 468-3096 x 3216Training for Employment
Brian HertzTrainer/InstructorTraining for Employment
Bob CalderDriving School Operations ManagerTraining for Employment
Jason TuckerDriving InstructorTraining for Employment
Danielle WoolseyPart-Time Data Entry ClerkTraining for Employment
Amanda MunroEmployment Navigator(807) 468-3096 x 3226Training for Employment
Shannon KingGaa-niigaanishkang Anishinaabemodaa Anokiiwin (The one who represents the Anishinaabemodaa program)(807) 274-2796 x 1238Anishinaabemodaa
Carissa CopenaceGaa-wiiji’iitood Anishinaabemowin (The one who helps the language)(807) 274-2796 x 1239Anishinaabemodaa
Casey OsterGaa-wiiji’tood Anishinaabemodaa AnokiiwinAnishinaabemodaa
Darcy JonesGaa-wiiji-odaami’aad Abinoojiiya’ Ji-anishinaabemonid (The one who plays with children to learn Anishinaabemowin) Anishinaabemodaa
Marilyn CopenaceGaa-anikanootamaaged (The one that translates)(807) 274-2796 x 1241Anishinaabemodaa
Kelvin MorrisonGaa-anikanootamaaged (The one that translates)(807) 274-2796 x 1241Anishinaabemodaa
Rose TuesdayGaa-anikanootamaaged (The one that translates)(807) 274-2796 x 1241Anishinaabemodaa
Tim SmithGaa-nitaa-mazinabii'ged (The one that can draw)(807) 274-2796 x 1241Anishinaabemodaa
Shannon KabatayGaa-gikinoo’amaged Anishinaabemowin (The one that teaches the language)(807) 274-2796 x 1240Anishinaabemodaa
Jeremy AndyAnishinaabemowin Instructor TraineeAnishinaabemodaa
Brittnee HunterAnishinaabemowin Content DeveloperAnishinaabemodaa
Jessica AtatiseAnishinaabemowin Content DeveloperAnishinaabemodaa
Dan BirdVice Principal (FFHS)(807) 274-7747 x 229Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Shelly JonesIndigenous Projects Facilitator(807) 274-9855 x 5005Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Lisa GeorgeIndigenous Guidance Counsellor (FFHS)(807) 274-7747 x 234Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Denise RadiganIndigenous Guidance Counsellor (FFHS)(807) 274-7747 x 235Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Tishina Big GeorgeIndigenous Guidance Counsellor (RRHS)(807) 852-3284Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Darlene AdamsIndigenous Early Literacy Assistant (Robert Moore)(807) 274-9818Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Shirley AndyIndigenous Early Literacy Assistant (J.W. Walker)(807) 274-3616Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Melissa GushulakIndigenous Early Literacy Assistant (J.W. Walker & Robert Moore)J.W. Walker—(807) 274-3616
Robert Moore—(807) 274-9818
Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Cheryl SmithIndigenous Early Literacy Assistant (Crossroads)(807) 486-3329Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Sarah GloverStudent Success Program Teacher(807) 274-2796 x 1247First Nation Student Success Program
Ron BerezowskiComputer/Data Systems Specialist(807) 468-3096 x 3214First Nation Student Success Program
Christine WoolseyDirector of IT & Media(807) 274-2796 x 1255IT & Media
Rob PerreaultInformation Technician(807) 274-2796 x 1256IT & Media
Kaitlyn Allen-HenryCommunications Specialist(807) 274-2796 x 1257IT & Media
Amanda CaronMarketing Specialist(807) 274-2796 x 1258IT & Media
Cindy HomerOnline Learning Support Specialist(807) 274-2796 x 1259IT & Media
Grant SchelskeOnline Learning Support Specialist/Information Technician(807) 468-3096 x 3225IT & Media
Maggie LeMesurierMakerspace Assistant(807) 274-2796 x 1260IT & Media
Paul PateyDirector of Facilities(807) 274-2796 x 1263Facilities and Maintenance
Paul CousineauMaintenance CoordinatorFacilities and Maintenance
Mark DugganFacility Coordinator (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3215Facilities and Maintenance
Nicolas DartiailhBanquet/Event Chef (Kenora)(807) 468-3096 x 3218Facilities and Maintenance
Duncan McMillanMaintenance Helper (Kenora)Facilities and Maintenance
Wally WoodsMaintenance Coordinator (Sioux Lookout)Facilities and Maintenance
Alexa GaudetScreener (Kenora)Facilities and Maintenance
Shelley BujoldCommunications Specialist(807) 468-3096 x.3229IT & Media
Izzabella BanningAdministrative Assisstant (Kenora)(807) 468-3096Administration
Jordan MorrisonLibrary Assistant(807) 274-2796 x.1216Post-Secondary
Colby TomsCustodian (Sioux Lookout)Facilities and Maintenance
Brad HillSecondary School, FNSSP Teacher(807) 274-2796 x.1323Elementary and Secondary Support Program
Carter BrownTransitional Coordinator(807) 274-2796 x.1247Post-Secondary
Scott HuntDriving Instructor (Fort Frances)(807) 271-0047Training for Employment
Kim ElkeNursing Coordinator(807) 468-3096 x.3205Post-Secondary
Wendy TsengClinical Lead and Instructor(807) 468-3096Post-Secondary
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