Program Overview

Learn practical skills in class and in the beautiful Northern Ontario landscape. This program will give you the skills you need to work in the ever-expanding ecotourism industry. You will obtain knowledge and skill-sets required to work in outdoor-based tourism organizations or to operate your own unique business. Develop leadership skills while engaging in a number of activities including hiking and snowshoeing.

Learning Outcomes

Ensure customer satisfaction by providing tourism services in a professional manner, both individually and as part of a team. Sell and promote tourism products and services pro-actively. Apply knowledge of the various tourism industry sectors and their necessary interaction, both with each other and with government and other regulating bodies. Prepare and issue accurately routine tickets and other travel documentation to clients. Apply basic computer and telecommunications practices and techniques to facilitate the completion of administration tasks. Work effectively with co-workers, supervisors, and others. Develop ongoing personal professional development strategies and plans to enhance career opportunities.

Program Brochure

What You Learn

– Leadership and program planning
– Ecotourism programming
– Sports and special events
– Legislation and risk management
– Concepts and principles of ecotourism
– Marketing

Program of Study

Semester 1:
REC105 Inclusive Leadership & Program Planning
REC108 Intro. To Recreation/Leisure Service
REC109 Foundations of Outdoor Recreation
REC218 Marketing for Recreation and Leisure
CMM125 Communications

Semester 2:
REC128 Sports and Special Events
REC130 Legislation and Risk Management
REC131 Ecotourism Programming
REC230 Financial Management (7wks)
REC252 Ecotourism Leadership