Focused student studying on a computer

Tips for Online Learning

While learning remotely enables students to learn and work from home, it can be challenging to stay focused, keep organized, and separate school work from your home life. Below are some helpful tips to help you adapt to online learning.

Establish a routine

Creating a new everyday routine can help you stay on track with what you have to accomplish throughout the day. A great way to start a routine is to wake up at the same time every day. It may be tempting to sleep in, but we recommend setting an alarm at the same time each morning to leave yourself with enough time to have a good breakfast and start the day off right. Waking up at a consistent time will improve your time management skills and help you dedicate time for yourself before starting your school day.

Choose an appropriate workspace

Make a designated space for your work/study area. Doing this will help separate the spaces in your home for eating, playing, and relaxing. When selecting a work/study space, try to pick a location without distractions like a TV or heavy foot-traffic. Choose a comfortable workspace like a desk or table to help you focus. Lastly, make sure you have everything you need to get through your classes like a fresh cup of coffee, a bottle of water and a snack. The more prepared you are, the less likely your mind will wander.

Create productive habits

Try creating daily or weekly to-do lists to keep you on track and motivated. The feeling of being able to check something off your list will feel great! Start setting goals for yourself every day or week to stay on top of your work. After classes try and allow yourself a 10-minute mental break before moving onto your next task! Try not to push yourself too hard throughout the day. 

Increase your productivity by using an online calendar or day-planner. This will help avoid forgetting upcoming due dates, keep you on track and avoid unnecessary stress. If you are currently enrolled with Seven Generations Education Institute try the Brightspace Pulse app!


Participating in online classes can be intimidating, but trying to participate can help you pay attention and stay focused. Engage in online activities and discussions. While your instructor is talking, try and take note of any questions you have so you can be prepared to ask when called upon.

Be understanding of yourself

Try not to be hard on yourself. Understand that your productivity levels might be affected when transitioning from in-person to online studies. Prioritize self-care practices, including getting enough sleep each night, eating healthy and nutritious foods, taking breaks throughout the day, keeping a journal, exercising, having a support network, and taking for yourself time to relax. 

SGEI is here to help

If you are ever in need of more assistance with online learning Seven Generation Education Institute can help. If you are struggling with online learning, contact your secondary instructor or post-secondary coordinator. SGEI also offers a wide variety of services to students to better their success, whether it is technology to aid in online learning or having someone to talk to about mental health. Check out our student services to learn more about what SGEI can do for you.