Welding Techniques

In this dynamic program, students will learn everything from the practical, hands-on skills needed to weld various types of metals, combined with knowledge and theory. Students use a wide range of top-of-the-line equipment found in most industry workplaces safely and effectively in SGEI’s welding shop under the direction of our highly-qualified and supportive instructors. Students will learn how to read, understand and develop the blueprints for different projects as they apply what they learn.

Learn key skills in our Welding program

Start Date

September 2023

Program Length

Two semesters, Full-time


Fort Frances


Ontario College Certificate
Sault College

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma, equivalent or mature student test.


Tuition (Semester 1):

Tuition (Semester 2):


Michael Jones
(807) 274-2796

Your Future Career

As a successful graduate of our Welding Techniques program, you may find work in a wide range of exciting places of employment across the globe or close-to-home. Small and large construction and manufacturing industries continually seek out welders to join their teams. Once you have successfully completed your studies, you may have the opportunity to test on-site with the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) for your welding performance qualifications/certified ticket.

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