A Police Foundations graduate actively engaged in a workout

Questions with SGEI recent Police Foundations graduate!

Why did you choose SGEI?

That’s where my roots are from; I graduated high school, was already in that environment and was already comfortable. Also, it’s enriched in the Indigenous culture; that’s the main factor. We had that in our daily life, whereas I don’t get that as often (outside of it). It’s nice to have access to it.

What was your area of study, and what was your goal after school?

My studies were in Police Foundations. My favourite part was probably hearing about everybody’s experiences, especially my instructors, who were former police officers. That insight was tremendous, and asking them all my questions was excellent. Everyone was so welcoming. I just loved the instructors.

What is your plan after graduation?

I have a full-on plan here. After graduation, I planned to work at the courthouse here for the summer and then go back to earn my Community Justice Diploma. Then I want to apply to either Treaty #3 Police or OPP. That’s my life plan. Stick with it and make a career.

What drew you to policing and law enforcement?

My background. I wasn’t the smartest; I was a little troublemaker. I was already in the justice system, but not the way I am now. There was a friendly police officer, and she would take me home and say, “You can do better. You can do great.” I was like, “I don’t know.” But she saw what I couldn’t see, and I want to do that for other people.

You’re continuing your education with Community Justice this year- what do you hope to learn in that program?

Mainly just getting a better understanding of how to work within your community. What kind of support you can give, offer to people or programs that you can bring into high schools, something like that—anything you can do to help within your community and the process to make it happen.

What is your favourite thing about SGEI?

There’s so much. The people, the environment, just everything. The food, oh my gosh, the food! Plus, it’s just a great environment to learn. They make it known not to be afraid to ask for anything. That’s what helped me a lot; they were just there for me.

-Carrie Hunter