This course will provide the learner with a general understanding and working
knowledge of the structure and function of the human body. Each body system
will be addressed in order to understand how the structures and functions are
related and how all body systems work together to carry on complex activities.
The learner will explore the physiological changes in the body related to both the
aging process and to common health challenges.

This course will provide you with the opportunity to explore where you were then, where you are now, and where you will go in the future. You will investigate external and internal aspects that influence your character both personally and academically; develop awareness of college, community, family, and relationships; explore learning and communication styles, attitudes, and life-long learning applications to future career and life.
You will discover, through developing a personal portfolio, specific abilities and characteristics that will provide you the opportunity for personal growth and increased well-being to function at a higher level of human understanding. These skills will be developed through classroom discussion, personal surveys, journal entries, presentation reviews, analysis of case studies, reading comprehension activities, instructional games/exercises, and problem-solving challenges, etc.

The world is shrinking. The ice caps are melting. A sneeze, thousands of
kilometres away, starts a health pandemic, and technology enables us to
intimately view not only earthquakes and tsunamis but human rights violations
around the world. This reality calls for an understanding of sustainability,
diversity, and social justice. A global citizen is aware of the wider world, respects
diversity, is outraged by injustice, participates in community from the local to
global level, and feels compelled to act to make the world a more humane and
sustainable place. Global citizenship will help students gain personal
understanding of themselves as citizens of the world and apply it in their own