Game – Art

Game – Art

Program Overview

This 2 year program structure provides a balanced schedule strongly emphasizing art creations and production. Initial semesters pay special attention to traditional arts, in recognition of traditional art skills as a foundation for digital art skills. Each semester has at least one class outside art production, covering other areas crucial to a game artists development. By the final semester, studio style digital art production is heavily emphasized in preparation for the students entering the workforce.

Admission Requirements:
Ontario Secondary School Diploma at or above the general level or its equivalent. ENG4C or ENG4U, or Mature Student

Program Brochure 2019

What You Learn
* Game genres
* Emerging trends
* Roles in industry
* Working as part of a game development team
* Statutes and regulations within the industry

Program of Study:

Semester 1

CMM 115  Communications I
VGA 100  History of Video Games
VGA 101  Life Drawing 1
VGA 102  Drawing/Illustration
VGA 103  Game Design Process
VGA 104  Game Art Studio 1
GAS 109  Music and Pop Culture

Semester 2

VGA 200 Concept Art for Gaming 1
VGA 201 Life Drawing 2
VGA 202 Prototyping 1
VGA 203 Game Art Studio 2
GEN 100 Global Citizenship

Semester 3

VGA 300 Industry Study
VGA 301 Concept Art for Gaming 2
VGA 302 Prototyping 2
VGA 303 Texturing and Shaders
VGA 304 Game Art Studio 3

Semester 4

VGA 400 Concept Art for Gaming 3
VGA 402 Critical Game Analysis
VGA 403 Interface Design
VGA 404 Game Art Studio 4
VGA 405 Portfolio Development

Offered in Partnership with Sault College