Social Service Worker

Social Service Worker

Program Overview

This program will give you the knowledge and skills you need to enter this dynamic and rewarding career field. Learn skills and methods that will qualify you to work in a variety of settings and challenging situations. You will also gain unique exposure and insight into Aboriginal history, culture and practice, which will be valuable to individuals looking for employment in northern communities.  Community placement opportunity.

Program Brochure 2019

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will learn to:
*Develop and maintain professional relationships
*Identify strengths, resources, and challenges of clients and communities
*Recognize diverse needs of clients and communities
*Understand current social, legal, political, and economic systems that impact service delivery
*Advocate for access to proper resources
*Develop strategies and plans related to self-care as well as improved job performance and work relationships
*Integrate social group work and facilitation skills across a wide range of environments

What You Learn

*Crisis intervention
*Human development
*Family dynamics
*Substance abuse training
*Special issues in social work
*Human service and the law
*Interviewing Techniques

Program of Study

Semester 1:
CMM125 College Communications I
MHA180 Introduction to Substance Use
HSP105 Interviewing and Helping Skills I
HSP150 Multiculturalism in Canada
PSY200 Lifespan Development
SOC100 Foundations of Sociology
SSW100 History and Philosophy of Social Work
HSP194 Introduction to the Helping Profession

Semester 2:
CMM230 Workplace Communications
HSP104 Human Service and the Law
CLT100 Canada’s First Peoples
HSP160 Interviewing and Helping Skills II
HSP165 Mental Health Across the Lifespan
HUM219 Group Work
HSP155 Family Dynamics
GENED General Elective: TBA

Semester 3:
SSW298 Special Issues in Social Work
HSP290 Crisis Intervention
SSW205 SSW Methods: Administration and Organization
SSW225 SSW Methods of Intervention
SSW238 SSW Methods: Personal Intimate Violence
SSW294 Accountable Professional
HSP294 Fieldwork Preparation
GENED General Elective: TBA

Semester 4:
SSW293 Fieldwork Integration
SSW295 Fieldwork Placement