Police Foundations

Police Foundations

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Program Overview

At Seven Generations Education Institute, you will have the opportunity to explore an exciting profession in the law enforcement field from both inside and outside the classroom.  In the Police Foundations program you will routinely be involved in extracurricular projects with local and regional police agencies, giving you the opportunity to develop your experience in community volunteerism.  Canadore College and Seven Generations Education Institute will work in partnership with municipal, regional, provincial and treaty 3 police services.

A combination of academic and skills training courses provide a solid basis of knowledge in most areas of human services and, particularly, in the working environment of law enforcement.

Program faculty have ample experience in the criminal justice field, primarily in policing, and are committed to the success of Police Foundation students.  The limited classroom size allows for faculty to get to know you and ensure that you achieve your academic goals.

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Personal Assets

  • Mature and responsible
  • Leadership skills
  • Interest in law
  • Personal Fitness
  • Community involvement and volunteerism

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma at or above the general level or its equivalent. Grade 12 English or equivalent is required.

Mature Students

Applicants aged 19 or over without the OSSD will be considered on the basis of their results on the College’s Mature Student Test. If you are a mature student, please call Bill at (807) 274-2796 to arrange to take the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT).

Required Courses

Grade 12 Compulsory English (ENG 4C or ENG 4U).

Additional Requirements

Although no criminal record check is required for acceptance into the Police Foundations program, some course related activities will require the student to consent to a police background check.

Program of Study

Semester One
SLJ 101 Introduction to Canadian Criminal Justice*
SLJ 102 Criminology I*
SLJ 104 Careers in Criminal Justice*
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology*
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology*
CGE 125 Communications I*
PFP 106 Ethics in Law Enforcement*
PFP 108 Fitness and Lifestyle Management I*

Semester Two
PFP 201 Criminology
PFP 202 Interpersonal and Group Dynamics
PFP 203 Contemporary Social Problems
PFP 204 Communications II
PFP 205 Public Administration
PFP 206 Community and Social Services
PFP 207 First Nations Peoples
PFP 208 Fitness and Lifestyle Management II

Semester Three
PFP 301 Criminal and Civil Law
PFP 302 Criminal Code
PFP 303 Police Powers I
PFP 304 Interviewing and Investigations
PFP 305 Youth in Conflict with the Law
PFP 306 Community Policing I
PFP 307 Traffic Management I
PFP 308 Fitness and Lifestyle Management III

Semester Four
PFP 401 Provincial Offences
PFP 402 Criminal  Code and Federal Statutes
PFP 403 Police Powers II
PFP 404 Interviewing and Investigations II
PFP 405 Conflict Management
PFP 406 Community Policing II
PFP 407 Traffic Management
PFP 408 Fitness and Lifestyle Management IV

*courses running in the current semester