Hairstyling – Kenora

Hairstyling – Kenora

Program Overview

As a graduate of the Hairstyling Program, you will have attained a solid basis in the theory, principles, and practices needed to enter this personal service profession. You will be able to apply your skills in support of the hairstyling trade to include the ability to accept, respect, and service a diverse clientele, successfully operate a salon, enhance work performance, and further your career opportunities, while keeping pace with changing industry trends. In this program you will learn to meet and adapt to client needs and expectations in the provision of hair cutting and styling services.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this program you will be competent in the use of specialized tools and products to provide chemical texture, permanent waving, colour, and lightening services as well as work with hair additions.

*Cutting Hair
*Styling Hair
*Hair Treatments
*Ethics, Regulations and Policies
*Client Services*Entrepreneurial Skills

Program Brochure

Program of Study:

Semester 1

HSP141 Health and Safety
HSP143 Client Services 1
HSP144 Preparatory Procedures and Treatments 1
HSP145 Cut Hair 1
HSP146 Style Hair 1
HSP147 Permanent Wave Hair 1
HSP148 Color and Lighten Hair 1
HSP140 Ethics, Regulation and Policies
HSP142 Professional Development

Semester 2

HSP149 Entrepreneurial Skills 1
HSP150 Client Services 2
HSP151 Preparatory Procedures and Treatments 2
HSP152 Cut Hair 2
HSP153 Style Hair 2
HSP154 Permanent Wave Hair 2
HSP155 Colour and Lighten Hair 2
HSP156 Hair Additions 1

Semester 3

HSP157 Entrepreneurial Skills 2
HSP158 Cut Hair 3
HSP159 Style Hair 3
HSP160 Chemically Relax Hair
HSP161 Colour and Lighten Hair 3
HSP162 Hair Additions 2
GEN100 Global Citizenship

Offered in Partnership with Sault College