General Arts & Science

General Arts & Science

Program Overview

Get the knowledge you need to make an educated program or career choice, and the necessary skills and prerequisites to begin your academic career.
Explore career options. Acquire necessary prerequisites for admission into college programs or industrial skills training. Prepare for access to some university programs. Strengthen academic, interpersonal, and learning skills.

Program Brochure

What You Learn

  • Introduction to Science
  • Communication fundamentals
  • Business Math
  • Psychology for everyday living
  • Critical thinking and reasoning
  • Lifespan development

Program of Study

Semester One – Fall:
SCI099 Introduction to Science
CMM115 Communication Fundamentals
MTH101 Business Math I
PSY150 Psychology for Everyday Living
STS100 Strategies for Success
Elective TBD

Semester Two – Winter:
CTR100 Critical Thinking and Reasoning
POL120 Contemporary Canada
CMM116 Communications Fundamentals II
MTH121 Prep Math for Business II
PSY168 Child Development
Elective TBD