Program Overview

Learn how to perform the full range of esthetic treatments available in salons and spas today. Be trained in our fully equipped esthetic lab and student-run community spa where you will gain valuable hands-on experience under the supervision of trained and knowledgeable faculty. Graduates can expect careers in salons and spas offering highly sought after treatments, health and wellness centres, resorts and cruise ships, freelance makeup careers, cosmetic sales, product representatives/consultants for distribution companies, editorial work, and esthetic training and education.

Learning Outcomes:
Graduates of the Esthetician Program demonstrate the ability to perform a variety of specialized body and skin care treatments, use a range of specialized equipment and products, apply relevant knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and histology to the provision of esthetic treatments, and so much more.

Admission Requirements:
Diploma at or above the general level or its equivalent. ENG4C or ENG4U, or Mature Student

Program Brochure 2019

What You Learn
* Make-up artistry
* Hair removal
* Skin care specialities
* Facial massage techniques 
* Spa manicure and pedicure techniques
* Full body non-therapeutic relaxation massage
* Men’s Spa treatments

Program of Study:

Semester 1

CMM 126 Workplace Communication
EST 113 Nail Techniques
EST 114 Hair Removal
EST 115 Intro to Spa/Practicum
EST 141 Skin Care Practical Lab I
EST 142 The Skin and Skin Care (Theory I)
EST 1614 Make-up Artistry I

Semester 2

CTR 100 Anatomy and Physiology
POL 120 Skin Care Practical Lab II
CMM 116 The Skin and Skin Care (Theory II)
MTH 121 Student Esthetician Clinic
PSY 168 Make-up Artistry II Elective Global Citizenship
GAS 103 What in the World is Going on?
GAS 109 Music and Pop Culture
GAS 116 Your Two Cents
GEN 110 Student Selected General Education
HDG 122 Personal and Academic Success Strategies
SSC 102 Introduction to Aboriginal Peoples of Canada

Semester 3

EST 208 Practicum
EST 210 Advanced Spa Techniques and Body Therapies
EST 209 The Spa Business and Entrepreneurship