Culinary/Hospitality Arts Foundations

Culinary/Hospitality Arts Foundations

Start Date: September, 2016

line-cook-FF-aug-2014Program Overview

Culinary/Hospitality Arts Foundations is designed to support the hiring and retention of workers in; front desk clerk, housekeeping, cooking/catering and food and beverage services. The program focuses on the skill development of new workers entering the hospitality services industry.

Based on the same nationally recognized occupational standards used by the industry and the college network, the course begins with the knowledge, certifications and soft skills needed to be successful in any workplace, then enables the students specialize in one of the four occupational fields.

This is a great opportunity for you to pursue certification in a challenging, innovative, and rewarding field. It can also be an effective way to enhance a college/university education and broaden your knowledge base with a host of transferable and marketable hospitality skills. For most college students, securing employment is a top priority; the accelerated delivery mode offered in the Culinary/Hospitality Arts Foundations provides a very efficient means of achieving this goal.

Participants will receive 4 core provincial industry certifications:

*  WHMIS for Tourism & Hospitality
*  Smart Serve
*  Food Safety
*  Service Excellence

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Program of Study:

Stream A:
7 Week Ready–to-Work Industry Foundations / Life Skills Course
The 7 -Week National Ready-to-Work Industry Foundations/Life Skills program would provide participants with the National emerit Workplace Essentials Certification, while they explore the career paths, workplace culture and communication norms for the industry.

Participants will also receive the 4 core provincial industry certifications: WHMIS for Tourism and Hospitality, Smart Serve, Food Safety and Service Excellence.

Stream B:
5-week National Occupational Training and Certification Program
The 5-Week National Occupational
Training and Certification is available for 4 National emerit Professional Certification Programs in the following occupational fields:
Food and Beverage Server,
Line Cook
Front Desk Clerk
Housekeeping Room Attendant.
Participants will complete 5 weeks in a facilitated environment as they prepare for their National emerit occupational knowledge exams.

Offered in Partnership with OTEC
(Ontario Tourism Education Corporation)