Community Diabetes Support Worker

Community Diabetes Support Worker

Start Date:  September 2015

Duration:  Two Semesters  Full Time

Location:  Kenora and Fort Frances

Contact:  Mark Gaudet  807-468-3096


Admission Requirements:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma at or above the general level or its equivalent.
  • Grade 12 English or equivalent is required.

Mature Students

Applicants aged 19 or over without the OSSD will be considered on the basis of their results on the College’s mature Student Test.  If you are a mature student, please call Bill at 274-2796 for more details.

Program Overview:

Graduates of the Community Diabetes Support Worker (CDSW) program demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to work as part of a community diabetes health care team.  The CDSW role within the community diabetes health care team includes facilitating access to services, advocacy, health promotion, and self-management support for individuals, families and community members.  The CDSW works to strengthen existing capacities and improve health and well-being of indigenous individuals, families, and communities.  Graduates are prepared to carry-out the duties of a CDSW within a culturally appropriate framework under the supervision and/or direction of the community diabetes health care team.

CDSW’s are knowledgeable about, and understand that indigenous laws, protocols, languages and wholistic teachings are integral to the survival of healthy individuals, families and communities, and must be respected and promoted at all times.  The CDS apples culture standards and indigenous knowledge in the performance of their duties when working with indigenous individuals, families, communities and Elders.

CDSW graduates may find employment in a variety of community practice settings, including, but not limited to: First Nation Communities, First Nations Nursing Stations/Health Clinics, Area Health Access Centres, Family Health Teams, Health Authorities, Tribal Councils, and Treaty Organizations.  The CDSW participates as an active member of the community diabetes health care team under the professional supervision of the Primary Health Care Providers and/or Diabetes Educators across a variety of health disciplines.  In addition, CDSW graduates obtain cultural direction from their respected traditional Elders and Healers, are accountable to Health Administrators/Directors and/or Supervisors.

Program of Study

Semester One

  • CMM125   College Communication I
  • IPS140       Mino Bimaadiziwin – Good Life
  • CDW105   Biology for CDW
  • CDW110   Healthy Living, Healthy Eating for Community Diabetes Support Worker
  • CDW115   Diabetes and its Impace on Indigenous People

Semester Two

  • CDW120   Primary and Secondary Prevention in Diabetes
  • CDW125   Tertiary Prevention in Diabetes
  • CDW130   Indigenous and Alternative Approaches for Primary and Tertiary Preventions in Diabetes
  • CDW135   Promoting Positive Health at Individual and Community Levels
  • CDW140   Community Diabetes Support Field Placement/Work Placement
  • GEN           General Education Elective

Application Deadline:  May 2015