Bachelor of Arts

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How to Apply: Application Package

Admission to the first year of the Bachelor of Arts degree program requires satisfactory completion of an OSSHGD or OSSD, including 6 Ontario Academic courses or equivalent, with a minimum overall average of 60%. Applicants must include one Grade 13/Ontario Academic Course in English in their program.

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Applicants who are at least twenty-one years of age in the calendar year of entry, who are residents of Canada, and who have not attended post-secondary institutions for two years prior to their admission, will be considered as adult students.


  1. The programs in the Faculty of Arts require a minimum of three full years of work.
  2. B.A.’s are designed to acquaint the student with a broad range of thought in the liberal arts. A distribution of subjects among several related fields of knowledge is joined with a measure of concentration in one subject, called the major. Seven Generations Education Institute offers a Major in Indigenous Learning or a General Bachelor of Art Degree.
  3. A student not wishing to follow the traditional Bachelor of Arts program with a major, may enter the General Program, which allows a student more latitude in choosing subjects. The General Program is aimed particularly at the adult student, although a student coming from high school may also enter the program. The intent is to permit the student to take any fifteen courses with a minimum of restrictions.
Option 1 – General BA

Option 2 – Indigenous Learning
Application Procedure