Aboriginal Teacher Education Program

Aboriginal Teacher Education Program

Offered in Partnership with Queen’s University

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For more information, click on the Aboriginal Teacher Education Community-based Program link at http://educ.queensu.ca/apply

Program Delivery
The community-based courses will be delivered in Fall/Winter of the program. These courses will be delivered as modules and scheduling will include weekends. Some courses will be delivered to both sites using an online videoconferencing platform. The instructors will alternate to each site. Some courses require the student to be at the site location of instructor for direct instruction, so these courses will require travel as per the schedule. Students have the option to attend at the location of instructor as well. The program will consist of direct instruction, online delivery, on-campus experience and practicum placements.

The community-based Diploma in Education option is open to Aboriginal applicants with Grade 12 or equivalent. The two-year part-time program option prepares candidates to teach in the Primary and Junior divisions (Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six). Graduates obtain the Diploma in Education (Dip.Ed.) and qualify for the Certificate of Qualification (formerly called the Ontario Teacher’s Certificate) in the Primary and Junior divisions.

ATEP_1This unique program track provides an opportunity for candidates to specialize in Aboriginal education, and is intended for Aboriginal candidates.

This two-year, part-time program features courses with Aboriginal-specific content and practice teaching placements in First Nations and Provincial schools. The program prepares Aboriginal candidates to teach in First Nations and Provincial schools, and leads to a Diploma in Education.

The community-based program track is designed for Aboriginal students (Status, non-status, or Metis) who are interested in Aboriginal education. The program may be of particular interest to mature students, people who are currently employed but wish to obtain their teacher certification, and those with experience in Aboriginal education.

The community-based program reflects features offered at the Faculty of Education with the addition of Aboriginal-specific content. Program material is delivered through short, intensive course sessions scheduled so that those who have work or family responsibilities are able to attend without being away from home for extended periods.

Courses are offered on a part-time basis over a period of two years during the fall, winter, spring, and short summer sessions, one of which is normally held on campus at Queen’s. The practice teaching requirements may be completed in the candidate’s home community or in other Aboriginal communities.
Aboriginal Teacher Education Program
Aaniin, Boozhoo, Sekoli, She:kon, Tânisi, Waachay, Kwey, Hello!

Are you interested in Aboriginal teacher education?
Would you like to learn more about this unique program?

Join Paul Carl, the ATEP Administrative Assistant, who will be hosting webinars on our new Campus-based Aboriginal Teacher Education Program and our new Community-based Aboriginal Teacher Education Program at 6:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on the following days:
• Thursday, November 27, 6:00 pm – ATEP Community-based
After giving a 10-minute presentation on the features of our new programs, Paul will respond to questions about program options and the application process.

To access the ATEP webinars go to http://educ.queensu.ca/webinars .

ATEP has an admission policy which incorporates the following special features:

  • Candidates may complete some prerequisites to admission as exit requirements rather than entrance requirements
  • Applicants of Aboriginal ancestry who hold the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent are eligible for admission to the Primary-Junior program option leading to the Diploma in Education; Bachelor of Education applicants must possess an undergraduate degree
  • ATEP candidates may be granted prerequisite equivalencies for skills such as fluency or functionality in an Aboriginal language
  • Affirmative action is employed in the provision that candidates for the Dip.Ed. must be of Aboriginal ancestry, and candidates for the B.Ed. will ordinarily be of Aboriginal ancestry

Graduates are recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers to be awarded the Certificate of Qualification as a teacher and to become members of the College. Upon application to the College, candidates must submit a negative tuberculin test result or a normal chest x-ray administered during the program year or within one year prior to application to the College. Another document required for certification and College membership is the criminal record check by Ontario Education Services Cooperation.

The Certificate of Qualification shows teachers’ previous academic degrees as well as the divisions in which they are qualified.