This first-level post-secondary course will help students in all programs develop their ability to communicate effectively. The course requires students to meet first-year benchmarks for generic skills in researching,organizing, re-framing, analyzing, and presenting information.

In this course students will learn keyboarding techniques using various methods. Keyboarding speed and accuracy will be emphasized. Proofreading and editing documents is covered. Research about repetitive stress injury and proper ergonomics will be included. The textbook and instructor’s lesson notes are used to guide the student through the course. The student should be able to achieve a minimum speed of 25 net words per minute with 5 or fewer errors. (Note: It is to the student's advantage to aim higher than the minimum of 25 net words per minute. Most employers require a greater speed).

This is a preparatory mathematics course which provides students with a review of basic arithmetic and algebra as well as providing an introduction to business math concepts.Students will develop essential critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills through exposure to business application problems.