Learn skills related to accounting, human resources, marketing, computers, economics, law, project management and more. While working closely with professional instructors and with a focus on experiential learning, students will develop competencies for work in fields such as marketing, banking, sales, real estate, finance, insurance, customer service, accounting, purchasing and management. Successful students will be eligible to complete a third year in accounting and earn a second diploma.

Start Date

January, 2021

Program/Course length

Two years (condensed)


Sault College

Admission Requirements

  1. Ontario Secondary School Diploma, equivalent, or mature student test
  2. ENG4C/ENG4U
  3. MBF3C


  • Semester 1
    • BCA101-4 Introduction to Financial Accounting
    • BCG101-3 Introduction to Business Concepts
    • BCH101-3 Introduction to Human Resources
    • BCM101-3 Introduction to Marketing
    • BCO101-4 Business Math
    • BCO118-3 Computer Applications for Business I
    • CMM115-3 Communications I
  • Semester 2
    • BCA102-4 Financial Accounting 2
    • BCM102-3 Marketing 2
    • BCO105-4 Business Math 2
    • BCO106-3 Microeconomics
    • BCO119-3 Computer Applications for Business II
    • CMM215-3 Business Communication
    • GEN100-3 Global Citizenship
  • Semester 3
    • BCA209-4 Managerial Accounting
    • BCG205-4 Operations Management
    • BCH102-3 Organizational Behaviour
    • BCM203-3 Professional Selling
    • BCO207-3 Macroeconomics
    • BUS228-3 Small Business Management
  • Semester 4
    • BCG203-3 Entrepreneurship
    • BCG204-3 Business Law
    • BCG206-3 Corporate Social Responsibility
    • BCG207-4 Business Simulation
    • BCG307-3 Project Management
    • BCO208-4 Statistics


  • Tuition (Semester 1 & 2): $2,648.20 plus ancillary fees (estimated).
  • Tuition (Semesters 3 & 4): TBD
  • Textbooks: Not yet available

For more information, contact a program coordinator:

Mark Gaudet
(807) 468-3098

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