Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest, or Dagwaagini-maawindoosijigewin, is an immersive two-day event that demonstrates to local students how the Anishinaabe people traditionally prepared food and supplies for the winter months. Select classes from the Rainy River District School Board (RRDSB), Northwest Catholic District School Board (NCDSB) and surrounding First Nations Schools are invited to participate in food preparations, listen to traditional stories and learn about Anishinaabe and Métis culture.

Dagwaagini-maawindoosijigewin is a celebration of food sovereignty and self-determination. The acts of harvesting and sharing teachings with younger generations commemorate and activate treaty rights of the people of Treaty Three.


Fall Harvest 2019

When: October 2 and 3, 2019

Where: Nanicost grounds, 1455 Idylwild Drive, Fort Frances, Ontario, P9A 3M6

Participating classes: Grades five and ten RRDSB, NCDSB and surrounding First Nations schools History and Civics classes.



  1. Treaty Knowledge – participants will engage in meaningful dialogue about Treaty #3 and what it means to all people within the territory, to clear-up common misunderstandings and provide a deep understanding.
  2. Fish Preparation – while learning about the anatomy of the fish, participants will see how to fillet fish and may even get to try it themselves. Participants will be given a piece of prepared fish.
  3. Bird Preparation – participants will pluck geese as they learn about the importance of this bird to the Anishinaabe. The plucked birds will be made into sausage at a later date.
  4. Bear Grease – Participants will learn how fat from a bear is used as medicine.
  5. Bannock Making – participants will watch and learn how the Anishinaabe traditionally made bannock.
  6. Wild Rice/Parching – wild rice will be roasted at this station. Participants will help ensure the rice doesn’t burn.
  7. Wild Rice/Dancing – the boys/men will dance on the wild rice to break the husks from the rice before it is winnowed.
  8. Wild Rice/Winnowing – participants will be given a demonstration on the technique of winnowing and will then begin to winnow. This is an important step in separating the husks from the rice.
  9. Wild Rice Cleaning and Stories – students learn the importance of wild rice while cleaning the remaining husks that have not come off the rice in the dancing and winnowing stages.
  10. Drum Teachings – participants will have an opportunity to learn about Seven Generations Education Institute’s Grandfather Drum, Saagachiwe. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.
  11. Deer Preparation – students will learn about the processing of animals, such as deer when it has been harvested.
  12. Traditional Medicines – students will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of traditional medicines harvested and utilized by the Anishinaabeg.
  13. Storytelling – students will have the opportunity to rest a bit and listen to teepee stories at this station.
  14. Honour Our Children Memorial – participants will have an opportunity to hear a Residential School Survivor speak about his/her experience in the IRS system.
  15. Métis Games – participants will learn and play a number of traditional Métis games.
  16. Bannock on a Stick – students will be able make and bake their own bannock and enjoy a bannock snack at this station.


Information for schools

Each day, teachers and helpers can register with Carissa Copenace at the registration table. SGEI will have a designated space for students to place their backpacks.

Teachers with questions about groups or scheduling can email Carissa or call (807) 274-2796 ext. 1239. Please see below for information regarding Fall Harvest festivities, roles and responsibilities and scheduling.

Information Sheet

Teacher and Chaperone Roles and Responsibilities

Student Photo Consent Form

Group Chaperones and Guides List

Day 1 Groups and Schedule

Day 2 Groups and Schedule


Information for volunteers

If approved by your supervisor, all staff are welcome to volunteer to assist with Fall Harvest. To volunteer at a station, contact Robert Horton. To assist with setup, cleanup and takedown, please contact Katie Whitehead.


Please be at the Nanicost grounds for setup each morning by 8:00 am.


Please be at your stations each morning by 9:00 am. Please read and print station descriptions.

Cleanup and takedown

Please, if possible, make yourself available for cleanup at the end of day one and takedown at the end of day two. If you have not signed up for a Fall Harvest task with Robert Horton, please see Katie Whitehead to assist with event setup, cleanup and takedown.