Student Services

Education Supports

Small Class Sizes

Our classes average about 10 students per class. Small class sizes enable our instructors to provide meaningful instruction and students to receive the time and attention needed for success.

Computer Lab Access

SGEI students have access to our computer lab in Kenora and Fort Frances. In addition to our computer labs, students in Fort Frances have access to our digital lab, audio recording studio and makerspace. For more information regarding access to these spaces, please visit reception.

Academic Tutoring

If you are having a difficult time keeping up with school work, completing assignments or studying for tests? SGEI students can request free tutoring services. To request tutoring assistance, please speak to your Secondary School Instructor or Post-Secondary Program Coordinator.

Student Council

Students at our Kenora campus are eligible to participate in our student council. For more information contact our Student Services Coordinator.

Mental Health Supports


School can be challenging. That’s why SGEI has a dedicated Mental Health Coordinator dedicated to support students in this transitional period. To book an appointment, contact our Mental Health Coordinator.


For students with specific needs, SGEI can recommend supports for you in the community. For more information contact our Mental Health Coordinator.

Art Therapy

Students may request a guided or freestyle art therapy session with our mental health coordinator.

Health Supports

Yoga/Meditation Classes

At our Fort Frances and Kenora campuses, students and staff are invited to gather on their lunch break to relax, de-stress and stretch. For more information on upcoming classes, visit our Events Calendar.

Breakfast and Lunch Program

Don’t go to class hungry! At our Fort Frances and Kenora campuses, students can enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast and lunch four days a week before heading to class. Served in the mezzanines in Kenora and Fort Frances.

Healthy Living Food Boxes

SGEI students can sign up for a healthy living food box, a program in which participants sign up to receive a box of healthy fruits and vegetables at an affordable price. For more information contact our Mental Health Coordinator.

Financial Supports 

Financial Counselling

Are you unable to afford your post-secondary education? SGEI can guide you through your financial options. To seek financial assistance, contact our Student Services Coordinator in Kenora or your Post-Secondary Program Coordinator. For more information regarding financial aid, click here.

OSAP Application Assistance

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) applications can be difficult. SGEI can assist students in uploading files and sourcing information.

Housing and Family Supports

Housing Referrals and Application Assistance

For students that have relocated to attend school, SGEI can assist you in finding a temporary living space. For students interested in pursuing RRDSSAB,  KDSB public housing, rent supplement options, or assistance navigating Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services, contact our Mental Health Coordinator.

Toy Lending

Sometimes childcare is hard to secure. For students that need to bring their students to class, SGEI provides toys to keep your little one occupied. To access our library of toys please contact your Post-Secondary Program Coordinator.