Fort Frances Campus

The Fort Frances campus, also known as Niizhwaaching Aanikoobijigeng Gikinoo’amaadiiwigamig (the place where seven generations are linked together and teach one another), serves as the main campus for Seven Generation Education Institute. SGEI Administration, Secondary, Post-Secondary, Anishinaabemodaa (Language Strategy), First Nation Student Support Program and Pre-Employment Training staff work from this location.

Building features

Niizhwaaching Aanikoobijigeng Gikinoo’amaadiiwigamig features:


SGEI has nine regular classrooms designated for secondary, post-secondary and pre-employment training use. Each classroom is equipped with desks, a white board and a SMART board.

Circle room

Centrally located in the building’s atrium, the circle room houses SGEI’s Grandfather Drum, Saagajiwe, Grandmother Staff, Gookomisinaan and sacred traditional items. The circle room features signage dedicated to each of SGEI’s ten governing First Nations communities and is used as a meeting space, for cultural ceremonies and as a place for staff and students to visit sacred items.


The makerspace is a collaborative space for students and community members to craft, innovate and create using traditional tools and the newest technologies. The makerspace features a green screen, Oculus Rift VR technology, Ozobot coding kits, a laser engraver and cutter, 3D printers and traditional tools for sewing, beading, and leatherwork.


The library is equipped with educational resources, cultural artifacts, books, textbooks, films and other resources free for students, staff and community members to access.

Student lounge

Located in the upper mezzanine, the student lounge is a space for students to do school work or grab a free meal as part of the free hot breakfast and lunch programs.

Supper pantry

Located next to the Mental Health Counsellor’s office, the supper pantry is a safe space for students experiencing food insecurity to grab free non-perishable items for themselves or their family. This room will also host semi-monthly sexual health clinics held in partnership with the Northwestern Health Unit.

Digital lab

Located in the library, the digital lab enables staff, students and community members to preserve and archive photographs, video footage, audio recordings and documents. It features two HP Sprout desktops, an iMac, seven HP Desktops, a Wacom tablet for graphic design and illustration and Adobe Creative Cloud software.

Audio lab

Located in the library, the audio lab is a complete digital recording studio that features a microphone, soundproofing equipment, and audio mixing equipment.

Computer lab

The 16-seat computer lab is equipped with 16 Microsoft Surface desktops, worktables, a photocopier, whiteboard and SMART boards for workshops.

Culinary lab

The commercially outfitted teaching kitchen and classroom features a dishwasher, six-burner stove, convection oven and rationale oven capable of baking, steaming, smoking and dehydrating.

Trades lab

The versatile trades lab is capable of accommodating building construction and carpentry trades programs and other workshops including cabinet-making, woodworking, sign-making and pottery.

Telepresence room

The telepresence room uses Polycom technology to bridge classrooms across campuses and enable remote facilitation by our educational partners.

Reserve a Room

To book or use the makerspace, digital lab or audio recording studio, please contact reception at (807) 274-2796.