Anishinaabewin (Anishinaabe Culture)

Anishinaabewin, the Anishinaabe culture, was given to us and it is the foundation of our experience in this life and our relationship to others, to the world, and ourselves. Anishinaabe culture is one that values life, relationships, truth, and is situated within the lands, waters, and relationships with all of Creation within our territory. While our culture shares similarities with many Indigenous Nations across the globe, it is also beautifully distinct.

It is shaped and reflected within our teachings, stories, ceremonies and spirituality, protocols, songs, governance, roles and responsibilities, ways of knowing and learning; the unique way of seeing and experiencing life, the world, and relationships; and much more.

It is the foundation which guides our language, actions and activities; ways of thinking and perceiving; connection and relationship to land and being; as well as our philosophies and ways of relating; that connect all of these things.

Our elders share that our culture and language are dependent on each other.