Anishinaabe Aki (Treaty #3 Territory)

Anishinaabe Aki is our home which Anishinaabeg have maintained a relationship with since time immemorial. Our stories and teachings reflect our history and life as far back as the last ice age. Upon the melting of Lake Agassiz and the receding of its waters, Anishinaabe presence and relationship to the lands and the waters remained continuous. Evidence of Anishinaabe connection and relationship to the land is evidenced within our stories, teachings, rock paintings and sacred scrolls, oral history, burial mounds, and places of gathering and celebration throughout the region.

After four years of negotiations and guided by ceremony, the Anishinaabeg agreed to share place and space with newcomers to our territory. This agreement between our Nation and the Crown, known as Treaty #3 or Manidoo Mazina’igan (“Spirit Paper” or “Sacred Document”), took place at Harrison Creek at the Northwest Angle on October 3rd, 1873.

The area (the land, space, and place) we agreed to share is commonly referred to as Treaty #3 territory. It is an area comprising roughly 55,000 square miles.

Treaty #3 territory includes 28 reserve land bases and communities, as well as towns we share with our treaty partners. It is a region of incredible beauty, as well as many lakes, waterways, sacred places, places of gatherings and celebration, and our living teachings, vibrant culture, and dynamic language.

For more information on the history of Treaty #3 territory, please refer to the document “The Creator Placed Us Here: Timeline of Significant Events of the Anishinaabeg of Treaty #3.”

For more information on Treaty #3, Grand Council Treaty #3 published “We Have Kept Our Part of the Treaty: The Anishinaabe Understanding of Treaty #3” located here.

Below is a map showing the locations of our schools, and the Treaty #3 Boundary.