Kenora Campus

Our Kenora campus, also known as Manidoo Baawaatig, houses SGEI Administration, Post-Secondary, Adult Education and Pre-Employment Training staff. SGEI also rents office space to other organizations within Manidoo Baawaatig.


Manidoo Baawaatig features: 


SGEI has ten regular classrooms designated for secondary, post-secondary and pre-employment training use. Each classroom is equipped with desks, a white board and a SMART board.

Cultural room

Featuring couches, tables and chairs, the cultural room is available for staff and students to sit, de-stress and take a break.

Event centre

This large versatile space perfect for large events, presentations, dinners that seats up to 220 in padded bleacher seating and can transform to host dining tables, chairs and buffet-style accommodations.

To inquire about renting this space, contact our Events Coordinator, Serena Kenny.

Simulator lab

This simulation lab features Milo Range technology to simulate human interactions for students in policing and social services to practice safety and de-escalation tactics in a safe environment. Learn more about our simulator lab and Milo Range technology here.

Healthcare lab

The healthcare lab is outfitted to resemble a working hospital setting for students in healthcare disciplines to practice procedures in a safe, comfortable environment.

Culinary lab

The commercially outfitted teaching kitchen and classroom features a dishwasher, six-burner stove, convection oven and rationale oven capable of baking, steaming, smoking and dehydrating.

Mezzanine dining room

Located above the event centre, the dining room is a space for students, staff and event attendees meet or have lunch.