Student Information – Secondary

For Parents and Guardians

Seven Generations Secondary School is a licensed private school. Students work through a self study/teacher assisted credit program. The courses are Ministry of Education approved and students graduating from our program receive the official Ministry of Education Graduation Diploma (OSSD) which is the same diploma a student receives from any publicly funded Provincial High School.The self study format requires a high level of self-discipline and academic maturity to be successful. Successful students are those that are goal oriented, attend regularly, use the teacher assistance and are supported by family and community members.
Generally,students 16 years of age and younger, lack the necessary skills to be successful. They often lack the self discipline, academic maturity and basic literacy skills. It is vital that the parents and guardians support their child and have the student attend regularly.
Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit the school and keep in touch with the teacher and principal.
Should you have any questions regarding your child’s progress or program, contact the school.


Regular attendance and self-discipline are vital components for success in all courses. Most of the courses offered at the Seven Generations Secondary School are self-study courses. Thus, attendance is not calculated into the final grade. However, regular attendance will help the student develop a positive routine which will better prepare them for future success in higher education or employment, whichever the /student may choose. The student is responsible for completing the required amount of lessons in order to receive credit for a particular course.
Teachers will provide tutoring, encouragement, support and guidance to help the students achieve their goals.


The Seven Generations Secondary School receives direction from the SGEI Board, elders, and the Chiefs of the ten First Nations in the Rainy Lake area. The directions are consistent with a positive school environment for each community in which the SGSS services. It is expected that staff and students respect themselves and others in order to provide a safe and productive school environment.
It is our goal to recognize the importance of supporting appropriate and positive behaviours that create and sustain a positive learning environment. When inappropriate behaviour occurs, there needs to be some sort of consequence, but there also needs to be an opportunity to learn from mistakes which will focus on improvement of

For more information, please refer to the course calendar.