Seven Grandfather Teachings

The Seven Grandfather Teachings are a set of traditional teachings that have been passed down from generation to generation. The seven teachings have been given to the Anishinaabe people to guide them in living a good life, living without conflict and living in peace.


To speak only to the extent we have lived or experienced. Commonly referred to as Truth.

  • Deb = to a certain extent
  • We = sound through speech
  • Win = a way it is done


To think lower of oneself in relation to all that sustains us. Commonly referred to as Humility.

  • Dabas = low or lower
  • End = pertaining to thought
  • Izi = state or condition
  • Win = a way it is done


To go easy on one another and all of Creation. Commonly referred to as Respect.

  • Manaaji = to go easy on someone
  • Idi = in a reciprocal way
  • Win = a way it is done


Unconditional love between one another including all of Creation, humans and non-humans. Commonly referred to as Love.

  • Zaag = to emerge, come out or flow out
  • Idi = in a reciprocal way
  • Win = a way it is done


To live correctly and with virtue. Commonly referred to as Honesty.

  • Gwayak = correctly, straightly and rightly
  • Aadizi = he/she lives
  • Win = a way it is done


To live with a solid, strong heart. Commonly referred to as Bravery or Courage.

  • Zoongi = solid, strong
  • De’e = a form of heart
  • Win = a way it is done


To live with vision. Commonly referred to as Wisdom.

  • Ni = the soul within
  • Waa = pertaining to sight
  • Kaa = an abundance
  • Win = a way it is done