College Readiness

Get ready for College

The College Readiness program offers courses designed to help learners obtain skills for entry to college level career/technical and/or academic programs. College Readiness programming is designed for the adult learner who did not complete high school or who needs to review high school level academic skills before advancing to post-secondary level study. Courses in the program help students to develop skills in reading, writing, study skills, and mathematics.

A focus is placed on helping students apply effective learning and study skills to the development of academic competencies. Various instructional approaches and methods are used, and students receive regular feedback about their progress. Helpful guidance is provided along the way, as instructors and instructional support professionals are available to provide on-going individual help and support. A primary goal is to help students to develop and achieve their own learning potential, to take control of their learning and to learn how to access support when they need it.

Special features of this program:

  • initial assessment for placement in program
  • ongoing assessment to measure progress
  • individualized training plan outlining short and long-term goals
  • transportation/childcare support for those who qualify

Who is eligible?

  • adults 19 years of age and older
  • those who want further education
  • those who need help with reading, writing, math and computer skills
  • those who have a Grade 12 education or less
  • those who are motivated and able to commit to a full-time program

Program duration: to a maximum of 12 weeks

Wayne Zimmer, Director Apprenticeship Programs
Seven Generations Education Institute

240 Veterans Drive
Box 1640, Kenora, ON P9N 3W7