PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition)

Mature PLAR Opportunity

In February 2004, the Ontario Ministry of Education initiated a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process.  One component of Mature PLAR is the grade 9/10 equivalency process designed to provide mature students with an opportunity to capture 16 grade 9 and 10 credits upon successful completion of an assessment/test.   Principals have the discretion to use documentation presented for consideration and/or the successful completion of a test in awarding up to 16 credits normally associated with successful completion of grade ten, including 14 of the 18 compulsory credits required for graduation.  The student also qualifies for the Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC).

The test consists of four components; English, mathematics, science and social science.  Successful completion of each component qualifies the eligible student for up to 4 credits.  If satisfactory standing has previously been achieved on any of the components of the test, the principal may limit the test requirements to those elements not yet successfully achieved.  Test preparation materials to assist eligible students to prepare for success on each component are available from Seven Generations Secondary School.

According to the Ministry, “A mature student is a student who is at least eighteen years of age (i.e. an adult student) on or before December 31 of the school year in which he or she returns to school, who was not enrolled in a day school program for a period of at least one year, and who is enrolled in a secondary school program.”   Based on this definition, an adult student from a jurisdiction outside of Ontario who is new to the Ontario secondary school system or a young adult who left an Ontario secondary school prematurely and meets the stated criteria are both equally eligible for this opportunity.

In summary:

  • In Ontario, a PLAR opportunity exists to provide eligible students with an opportunity to capture up to 16 grade nine and ten credits by successfully completing a test and/or upon submission of documented evidence that the equivalent level of academic achievement has previously been attained
  • Mature students are students who have been absent from day school in Ontario for at least one year, who are enrolled in a secondary school program and who are or will be at least 18 years of age by December of the school year in which they are enrolled
  • The test consists of four components: English, mathematics, science and social science
  • The Seven Generation Secondary School provides study material and support to prepare eligible students for successful completion of the test

The Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition for Mature Students:

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