Our Logo

Logo-500wThe creation of our logo

A number of years ago, Seven Generations Education Institute developed a contest to challenge the First Nations Children in area schools to come up with concepts for our logo. The logo that was chosen was developed by the late Ryan Atatise who, at the time was an elementary school student in Lac La Croix First Nation.

The meaning of our logo

The logo tells of our purpose, our philosophy and references the work that we do.  In many ways, the Logo serves as visual representation of the core values, and principles of our organization.

    • The logo depicts the sunrise representing the beginning of a new day, and new opportunities for learning.
    • The fish and the bird are representative of a number of things, beginning with the Treaty covenants of First Nations having the right to continue to hunt and gather.  These images also speak to the ongoing need for First Nations leadership in the stewardship of our environment.
    • The Elder on the left is representative of the knowledge keepers in the territory. The depiction of the elder helps to remind us that it is critical to ensure their continued involvement in the learning process.
    • The youth on the right is receiving the knowledge that is so generously being given.  The transmission is represented by the line between the two.
    • The Grandfathers on the bottom represent the Seven Teachings. These core values provide the moral purpose for our programming. The Seven Teachings are complimented by the Principles of Mino-Bimaadiziwin.

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